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ESL forum > Teaching material > ARGENTINE TEACHERS- BICENTENNIAL YEAR!!!    


Vivi Quir


Hi dear colleagues from Argentina!!! As you all know in most schools in our country we have to work on this topic of the bicentennial year. In our primary  school we will particularly be delving into "our identity and values". 

In the English department I was thinking of taking stories/ fables  and highlight the values behind them, e.g. Goldilocks: do not touch what is not yours; The Boy who cried Wolf, be honest... and so on.
Help! I would like u to help me make a list of stories with moral teaching for YLS you have tried in class
THANKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  And what are you going to do??????????? I think we can all nurture from one another, what do you think????

19 Feb 2010      


Hi there!!

A story that I really like is "The Enourmous Turnip" (Moral: if you work together, you can do anything).

Here you have props for lots of stories http://www.kizclub.com/stories.htm

I found this page http://www.best-childrens-books.com/stories-with-morals.html scroll down and you will see "Fables, listed by Moral"

Hope you find this useful!


19 Feb 2010     


Hi, Vivi! I was thinking of working on stories and fables too, but I will choose our own traditional stories so as to highlight our own traditions and values.  May be stories like "Mate" "La flor del Ceibo" "Martin Fierro" "El Jacaranda," in English of course...something of the sort.

 I was also thinking of comparing our traditions to other countries ī traditions or working on the History of May Revolution or Independence Day compared to other countries ī History. 

I haven īt made up my mind yet...I`m still thinking on it.

Thanks for sharing your ideas!!!!!


19 Feb 2010     


Hi Vivi and Argentinian collegues
I īm going to work it in another way. I was thinking of making my students choose one of our great National heroes like San Martin and think of values that are important for them. Then, I īll ask them to write a composition explaining the values they admire. They can even choose more than one hero and then we īll make some posters to put in our classroom.
Regards to all!

19 Feb 2010     


One value everyone should try to foster is historical accuracy!

19 Feb 2010     


In one of my schools we īre going to work on the British influence in our country during the 1800s and especifically in 1810.  We īre also going to invite our sts to take part in a Composition contest.  The topic, of course, will be the bicentennial.
In the other school, since I work in the business section, we īre going to focus on how offices have developed since 1810, making a comparison between 1810, 1910 and 2010, in English and in Spanish as well.
We īre really looking forward to working with our sts!!

20 Feb 2010