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Hi everyone,

I need your help please. I ´m required to make suitable adaptations for a language activity to meet the language proficiency level for high achievers and low achievers.. I searched for activities for high achievers and low ones here but I didn ´t find any. If you please, provide me with any activities for high achievers or low achievers and I ´ll try to adapt them.

Your ideas are welcomed and appreciated

Thanks in advance

20 Feb 2010      

United States

Have you checked the links section? http://www.eslprintables.com/links/index.asp#thetop

has adult and children so maybe one could adapt them.

When you adapt them do  you mean
•you would use different levels of vocabulary and use easy and harder sentence structures?
•Would the paragraph length be shorter for the low achievers?
•Would the font size be bigger for the low achievers?
•Would you use more illustrations for the low achievers?
•Would you have more white space on the page for the low achievers?

I think you can adapt something yourself from wikinews

What grammar point are they learning?
Maybe you could rewrite one of the news articles that interests you using the grammar structures you are teaching. For example put a the active voice into the passive voice?

Then add comprehension questions and matching, true and false, fill in the blank, multiple choice.
Maybe the high achievers could answer open ended questions, which test their knowledge
 without much support, and the low achievers just answer the easier types of exercises mentioned above that supply the vocabulary.

Maybe you could use questions that require different cognitive skill levels for the high achievers and low achievers according to Bloom´s digital taxomomy. http://edorigami.wikispaces.com/Bloom%27s+Digital+Taxonomy

The levels are:
1. remembering
2. understanding
3. applying
4. analyzing
5. evaluating
6. creating

20 Feb 2010     

United Kingdom

You need to register here to download most worksheets though some are free to download. Many worksheets are at various levels.

21 Feb 2010