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Timeline Life Graph

United Kingdom

Timeline Life Graph
Dear teachers,
I need your help please.
I īm required to develop a Timeline Life Graph (TLLG). It is like to create a TLLG beginning at birth and ending with a recent event. The TLLG must include at least 20 events ( developmental milestones). Each event will be described in relation to the theories on development. I īm free to use anybody īs life. A final component of the paper must be a summary statement describing the individual as a result of the life events.

Your ideas are welcomed and appreciated.

Thanks in advance.

21 Feb 2010      



How about Nelson Mandela? You could use the film "Invictus" as a source. Should be someone who has experienced ups and downs in life.


21 Feb 2010     

United Kingdom

Thanks for your reply. But what I need is Timeline Life Graph referring to some developmental theories like piaget and vygostky īs.. ( Piaget īs stages of Cognitive Development) ( Vygostky īs theory of Cognitive Development/ sociocultural perspective)

Waiting for your help please.

21 Feb 2010     

Puerto Rico

you can use this link as a reference but why dont u use your own life as the source?

21 Feb 2010