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ESL forum > Ask for help > Advice about fancy fonts, please    

Advice about fancy fonts, please


Advice about fancy fonts, please

Hi all, hope you had a good weekend.

Could someone please help me out...
A few weeks ago I downloaded some fancy fonts for the first time and used them in my worksheet.
The first time I cut and pasted them as a Microsoft word document object, thinking that then even people without the fonts on the computer would be able to see and print them okay, but they didn īt show in the preview.
Although when I downloaded to my computer, they were okay, when I asked another user she said they reverted to a standard font on her computer.
This time I tried cut and paste as a picture, but again they don īt show up on the preview, even though they are saved in the document as a picture not as text. So I think the same thing will happen and other users will not be able to receive the printable as it is.
I just did a forum search and saw some advice to embed the fonts when saving, but when I did that it adds nearly 200KB to my file and now it is way over the limit.
Can anyone tell me how I can get those fonts to show up for everyone, without having to embed them?
Thanks in advance for your time and advice.
Have a great week everyone.
Big hugs

21 Feb 2010      


Hey there Julia,

I had the same problem with a glyph I was making. In the end, I just put the link to the page with the font in the description, that way anybody could download it if they wanted to use that particular style.

I know it īs not a real solution to your question, but it was a quick fix for me since I couldn īt embed or turn the exercise into a "picture" without adding extra "weight" to the worksheet.

21 Feb 2010     


That īs strange, Julia.
I have made most of my worksheet titles with unpopular fonts. I cut the piece (I used Irfan View) and saved it as a picture and put it back on my worksheet. And the fonts were ok! They were seen in preview and it made me think that the downloaders can see them too.

Theoretically, if you make a picture of something, it should "freeze" and not change any more.
If you need some help, send me a PM.

21 Feb 2010