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Problem in this page


Problem in this page
Hi all,
I tried to read  previous posts.  I can t. A page with this message appears

Microsoft VBScript runtime error 800a000d

Type mismatch: [string: ""]

/forum/search.asp, line 8

21 Feb 2010      


I really appreciate your worksheets .I think they are the best I have ever seen in my life. I am  a teacher in Turkey. I teach from 10-19. and also adults sometimes. You told me before that you were going to publish your worksheets. I have all your worksheets and happily use them at school in my lessons. but they are black and white (because of my printer) I WOULD LIKE TO HAVE THEM COLORFUL and as a BOOK. IF YOU HAVE PUBLISHED YOUR WORKSHEETS I WOULD LOVE TO BUY THEM.I THINK WHEN ALL YOUR HUNDREDS OF WORKSHEETS COME TOGETHER AS A BOOK IT CAN BE BETTER THAN SO MANY FAMOUS BOOKS.  YOU MAY CONTACT ME at: [email protected] or here.   I am looking forward to hearnig from you. VOLKAN

22 Feb 2010     


Where are those workshets?I searched for Katina1 but it says "unknown".I would like to see them since you say they are so beautiful.

22 Feb 2010     


Do you mean katiana, by any chance? Smile

22 Feb 2010     


I just typed it as volkanerozel wrote it.Thank you

22 Feb 2010