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ESL forum > Ask for help > The use of pics from magazines    

The use of pics from magazines


The use of pics from magazines
Hello to everyone, I īve got a question about the title of my thread. I mean I just discovered that my students work better when I put some pics taken from magazines on the board and they make out their own sentences. I used them to explain the use of pronouns (subject, object, possessive and possessive adj) and I was surprised noticing that they understood the concept better. What do you think about it? I īm planning to work on their writing skills, which aren īt good by the way, and I need and idea which involves the pics, but so far I haven īt been lucky. Do you have any suggestions? Thank you so much.

22 Feb 2010      


hi, Ide, I have bee woked with pictures taken from magazines, and it is a wonderful experiences because remember they are EFL/ESL students, and trough this activites or techniques that is called realia you can teach grammar but must be at the end of your explanation, the use of realia is useful to teach English as a Second Language.

22 Feb 2010     


I love working with pictures. What you can do is select a wide variety of pictures(they should be big so everybody is able to see them) as for example a hat, a man, acar, an apple, etc. Then, ask them to describe the pictures orally and make a sentence with each of the pictures. Finally ask students to make up a story using those pictures. It really worked with my sts. Goood luck!

22 Feb 2010     


Some options:

- comic strips. You may use them as they appear, just deleting the dialogue in  or even cutting them out so they can order the sequence as they want and tell the story.

- scenes of different situations. They should tell what happened before, during and after the pic.

For more advanced students, I love to use pictures of objects, odd ones, to challenge their imagination and have obtained amazing results.

22 Feb 2010