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ESL forum > Concerning worksheets > UNBELIEVABLE!!!!!! and YET it is happening!!!!!    

UNBELIEVABLE!!!!!! and YET it is happening!!!!!


UNBELIEVABLE!!!!!! and YET it is happening!!!!!
I donīt know what has been happening this last weeks!!!!
Have people ran out of ideas??? Have some teachers decided to go to "the dark side"?
Why is this happening???

Today, I was going through to the new worksheets and you wonīt belive it...... this guy "SUPREME" uploaded 4 STOLEN WORKSHEETS from this same community!!!
I couldnīt believe it!!!!  and even though there are warnings from other teachers saying it is a STOLEN worksheet, the worksheets are being downloaded!!!!

What is happening  to teachers!!! have they become greedy for points??? take mine!!!! I donate them, even though I donīt have many, but please stop that childish attitude!!! act and behave like grown ups, like the professional teachers you all are.

I think this really has to stop !!!! but it  only depends on every one of us


21 Sep 2008      


 Iīm with you vbpb  Thumbs Up

 I barely new in this teacherīs community, but I think that is unfair!!!
Points that a member receives from a Stolen WS should be transferd to their original author... and  Victor Could you move the download this Worksheet buttom down form the comments, so people must read the warnings before download a WS??????    But itīs a shame that teachers keep downloading stolen WS! 

Thanks Victor for this great webpage...     

21 Sep 2008     


i think your idea is very good, i have no idea if someone else had even suggested that, but I guess is a good one.

21 Sep 2008     

New Zealand

it is a brilliant idea!  you should post it in the suggestions forum as I am pretty sure Victor checks that forum regularly.  I donīt know if he gets time to check all of the forums. Good thinking!

22 Sep 2008