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Computer help again, please


Computer help again, please
Hi everyone,
Despite the fact that it īs a bright, sunny Monday morning I am feeling most frustrated because I spent hours preparing a pictionary of uncountable nouns for my students in word, only to find that the pictures keep on jumping around and I can īt get them to stay in the place where I want them.
Last night I kept on trying and trying and finally got everything in the place I wanted it and saved the file, but then when I opened the file this morning EVERYTHING HAD JUMPED OUT OF PLACE AGAIN!!!!
I can īt understand why this happens. Could someone who is good with computers please advise me how to prevent it. I can īt group everything because then the pictures get hidden behind the word shapes for some reason.
I have thought about remaking it in a different program (probably illustrator) and then saving as a jpeg and copying to a word file, but even more than the fact that that will mean hours of repeated work all over again, I like to make the worksheets I upload here editable so other people can use them easily, too.
Can anyone help me sort out this problem?
Thanks in advance to anyone who knows a solution and can help me out.
Hugs to all

22 Feb 2010      

Yulia Mo
Russian Federation

Dear Julia.
For me it helps to put pics in front of the text (click on a pic - picture tools - text wrapping - it front of the text). This way the pics will stay in their places no matter what you do with the text or other pics. And if you group, you can also put the whole group in front of the text. I usually do all the pics in a separate doc just to paste them where i want later.
Hope it helps, if it doesn īt, let us know.

22 Feb 2010     

Czech Republic

After grouping choose righclick - move IN FRONT OF the text. This should help!
If you still need help, PM me and share the file with me, I will try to do my best and fix the problem...

Yes, Yulia is right. The best way is to work INSIDE A DRAWING / PAINTING CANVAS and GROUP all pictures and then all texboxes by moving your mouse diagonally. What is a DRAWING canvas? It is a frame which appears when you insert a WordShape (star, oval etc...).  You should work INSIDE the drawing canvas and this will save you looots of time!

Work with pics in Word / POWERPOINT, just insert a Painting canvas and work within the canvas, so all your pics can be grouped / resized / blackwhited / outlined within 5 seconds...
YOU CAN GROUP ALL PARTS BY MOVING MOUSE DIAGONALLY (all parts selected) and then group them... - rightclick - choose Group

Pictures move? No canvas? 
Prevent this by GROUPING ALL PICS in your document Click on pic number 1, hold CTRL and leftclick on the rest of pics and then rightclick and choose GROUPING, your WORKSHEET will NOT be MESSY then
all pics will stick together and move like one big picture, BUT they stay editable and can be "set free"="de-grouped" again...
If you use resized pics, you can meet the limit 300 kB all the time and you can share worksheets consisting of 5-10 pages of pics with no problems. PLEASE resize your pics, you can save much space in your and our comps ... :-D

22 Feb 2010     


well I have a quick and easy solution if you have word 2007. just click on "save as..." and then choose "pdf". you won īt be able to upload it here but at least your hard work will stay as you put it so that you can print it easily and then have a little more time to work on it!
last year I was really frustrated because I used to spend hours to prepare a nice layout to find out that, when i arrived in my high school, everything was messed up because they had an old version of word and even though i save all my documents in .doc (and not .docx) it didn īt work... and now i don īt have this problem anymore, saving as pdf allows to print wherever I want!
hope it helps!

22 Feb 2010