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ESL forum > Ask for help > What to say when we raise the flag in the English class?    

What to say when we raise the flag in the English class?


What to say when we raise the flag in the English class?
Dear colleagues, I need your help. In the school where I work, we īre looking for a new pledge for the moment of flag raising. What do you suggest? What I need should be easy enough for children.

I īll be waiting for your suggestions!!!

Thanks in advance.


22 Feb 2010      


I guess there will be people with ideas here, but you might help us if you provide some more data:
1. do I understand correctly that it should be in English?
2. how old are most of the kids and at what knowledge level should it be?
3. how long would you want it to be?
4. perhaps some ideas and details which are important for your school...
Good luck!

23 Feb 2010     

New Zealand

We just stand and watch quietly....  not very helpful - you could try the US pledge of allegiance......

23 Feb 2010     


Thank you all for your help!!! Students in the school are from 7 to 10 years old. The level of the little ones is good so it should be something easy for them to say but at the same time no silly for the older ones.

I know I īm asking for too much maybe, but this is the best place where I can find this info.

Thanks again!!!

23 Feb 2010     


why on earth would you want to raise the English or American flag in your lessons? 

23 Feb 2010     


It doesn īt matter. Don īt worry. I īll try to get the help anywhere else. Thanks to all those who really tried to help me.


23 Feb 2010