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ESL forum > Teaching material > Lost my russian download link    

Lost my russian download link

New Zealand

Lost my russian download link
Can anyone remember the name of that russian / english download page where you can download all sorts of resources through rapidshare....

New computer (yippeee) lost old bookmarks!

thank you wonderful website users.

23 Feb 2010      


Hi Vickiii,
nice to see you still being around Big smile
Is this the page you īre looking for www.englishtips.org

Best of luck,

23 Feb 2010     

manonski (f)

Hey Vickiii, if you want to keep your bookmarks at all time, I suggest you use Delicious. That way, it does not matter which computer you use, you always have your bookmarks with you since you put them online instead of your computer.

23 Feb 2010     

New Zealand

thank you and thank you.  yes jecika that is the sight I am after. kehehe - I mean site!  And manonski that is a great idea!

terribly selfish of me to only pop on because I need something!  I will have to contribute something again soon.  am working with little ones these days - in mainstream - so not sure how relevant my stuff is.

23 Feb 2010