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a native student


a native student
I īve got a native student in my class.
Can you suggest me activities? he īs in the second level ESO
thanks a lot

24 Feb 2010      


why don īt you give him the job of teaching assistant! he can help you, help others in the class and he will feel good to know that he īs useful! have a look at my ws, there īs one about the job of teaching assitant!
take care

24 Feb 2010     

class centre

Dear friends,
I would be extremely careful about making a student  a teacher īs  assistant. A student can not be above other students even if he or she is native English speaking. It can create problems for his interpersonal relations after your class or even at your lesson. It īs not his merit to be able to speak English. You may not agree with me, but my principle in the class is - all students are equal to me. If they work in pairs, they express themselves as much as they can. But no student can be taken as a model, even in this situation. If I were in your shoes, I would just give him a more difficult task and make him speak more ( up to his level).
Good luck!

24 Feb 2010     


i īm not saying to take him/her as a model, just to give him thinks to do while the others are learning things he/she already knows!
i don īt have a native speaker in my classes, but i īve got 2 teaching assistants (picked out randomly) at the start of every class, and they appreciate to be more involved in the class management!
i have a friend who had a native speaker last year, and this pupil had a bad behaviour in class because he was bored, when she asked him to become a teaching assistant, it changed everything! obviously the pupils have to agree, but it can be a nice way to motivate a native speaker and to integrate him to the class...
but i agree, you have to be careful and consider all the possibilities before choosing what you īll do... giving him/her harder things to do can be nice, but he/she might feel like he/she īs not belonging to the class...
take care!

24 Feb 2010     


I would suggest writing activities. Even native speakers may not know the correct way to write, for example, formal letters, essays etc. You could also revise the tenses with him - again, he will use them correctly but he may not know what they are - I didn īt know we had a present perfect tense until I took my CELTA!

24 Feb 2010     


How about teaching differences btw Am En and Br En? I mean if he / she is an American he / she doesn īt know lots of words from Br Eng and vice-versa. 

25 Feb 2010     


thanks, I have just seen some of your answers..

7 Mar 2010