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ESL forum > Ask for help > internet safety (internet shopping)    

internet safety (internet shopping)


internet safety (internet shopping)
hello. I wish you a happy mouled. I urgently need your help.can you suggest activities (interactive or dynamic), songs , stories , games that deal with internet safety especially internet shopping for intermediate level. I love you all. thank u sooooooooooooo much

27 Feb 2010      

Czech Republic

There was a nice video on euronews a few days ago:


you could re-write the article, taking out the words that are too difficult for the level.

You could even make a sheet with the difficult words across from what they were replaced with but mixed up,  get them to watch the video and use that to help them match the new words with their meaning.

It īs a good introduction to the discussion "do we say too much about ourselves on the internet?"
Because students will likely have opinions on this and be able to tell you all about ways to protect your privacy on sites like Facebook.

But unfortunately i don īt know any pre-made lessons to do with this, sorry! :(

27 Feb 2010     


I was curious so I checked,
Celebrating Mouled = (Mohamed īs Birthday, PBUH) in Tunisia.
Happy Mouled
B arbara

27 Feb 2010     


happy Mouled!
 i īve found these videos on youtube: you can use parts of them

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=g2Au9P_dbZQ (2nd half of the video)


take care!

27 Feb 2010     

lovely child

Hi, happy mouled. You ca have a look at my wks Intenet:Goods and Bads. Wish you can find what you īre looking for. have a nice day  Wink

27 Feb 2010     


Your worksheet is great lovely child but  i like to do something different from labling pictues or matching sentences parts...... I need to be creative ........... the inspector is coming!!!!!!

27 Feb 2010     


 Try this              angles365.com

27 Feb 2010