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ESL forum > Ask for help > There must be a mistake with my account    

There must be a mistake with my account


There must be a mistake with my account
 Hello, I am a new user, I started sending my printables three weeks ago. I have got 339 points and I have downloaded many of your excellent worksheets. Some of them are from the recent contributions(so they are free), but I have downloaded other 14 printables and I have noticed that no points have been taken from my account, I think I should have 14 points less. When I read the rules I understood that if you downloaded one printable or powerpoint, one point was taken from your account, is that right? I don t know if it is something I am not doing well, but I wouldn t like to have any problems and see my account cancelled. This website is fantastic and I would like to be part of it.
I hope you can help me.Thanks!

28 Feb 2010      


that s how it works. the number of downloads are not taken from your account. With your points and your number of downloads, you know how many downloads you can be allowed but the points are not taken from your account

28 Feb 2010     




Thanks for your reply!!!

28 Feb 2010     



If you have downloaded printables/powerpoint from the website but they were not from the recent contributions, yes, you should have been taken points from your account. Unless you download from the recent contributions, points are always deducted. It s real strange that you still have the same points, if you say you downloaded other 14 contributions, which were not in the recent worksheets... Confused
But I think you shouldn t worry much about that! Better to you, right? You did nothing wrong, so you shouln t be worried about any kind of problems...

1 Mar 2010     


Maybe youv lost 14 points for the ws youv downloaded but you got more points from your own contributions as other members downloaded them. So, it would cover the loss, right?
That s what probably happened.

1 Mar 2010     

United States

Your points are the total number of points you have earned.
Your downloads are the total number of downloads you have done that cost points
Take downloads away from points and you will have how many downloads (points) you have available to use.

1 Mar 2010