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vocabulary lists


vocabulary lists
Nex week English classes will be starting in some areas here in Argentina. I need some help with lesson plans because I have not much experience with that.My question issssss (As we, will be making a review the first weeks) Will be a good idea for 9 years old kids to make (with teacherīs help)vocabulary lists (of the voc. seen last year)? For example: If we are reviewing likes and dislikes, make a list of food  or sports. Would this type of ex. be too boring?
Can anyone help me?

1 Mar 2010      


You can do it as a brainstorming session game for instance, either dividing them in teams or all together. You can ask them to name all the sports, food, etc,  they can remember in English and afterwards you ask them to write everything in their notebooks, or you can give them ws with pictures to label. My ss love working in teams and I ask them to give their team a name so at the end of the activity the winning team has some sort of prize. They also like it when I bring a small teddy or a ball to class, I throw it and the kid  that catches it has to say a word from the vocabulary being reviewed and I do it with all ss for as long as I feel it īs useful. Another option is giving them crosswords and asking them to translate the words before doing it. These are some of the strategies I use, hope it helps!

1 Mar 2010     


Thank you Stepha, that was very useful!Clap

1 Mar 2010     

Czech Republic

you may ask which food do you like better - and make pairs...
eg apple x banana etc... I like apples, because they grow in our garden. They are big red and sweet and I love Grandmaīs apple pie!!!
comparing - which fruit is the biggest - orange - grapefruit - melon ?
longest, sweetest, juiciest, sourest, with seeds, red and green etc...

Play a game - I am Miss .... I am big and round. I am sweet. I am orange. I come from .... Who am I?
Students: Are you Miss Grapefruit? No, I am not, I am sweet and grapefruits are bittersweet.
Students: Are you Miss Orange? Yes, I am. (and show a flashcard of an orange)

1 Mar 2010