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Can you help me?


Can you help me?
Dear friends,
I need your help with the following:

The following sentence needs to be rewritten beginning with "Being wanted". How can I do that?

1. Mother Teresa found that what people needed more than food and medicine was  being wanted.

     Being wanted...

2. The chief minister appealed to the people for monetary help.

    "............................................ ," the chief minister said.
               (should be put in Direct Speech)

Thanks in advance

3 Mar 2010      


Being wanted was what mother Teresa found people most needed.

(Remember that ING Subjects are followed always by a NP TO BE)

http://www.wordwebonline.com/en/APPEAL This link could be useful!

"People should give some monetary help" the chief minister said.

Well. I hope They will be right, but a second native opinion would be much better.Tongue

3 Mar 2010     


I would say

Being wanted was what Mother Teresa found people needed more than food and medicine.

´Everyone, we need monetary help ´ the chief minister said.

3 Mar 2010     


A bit more freely:

Being wanted is more important than needing food or medicine, Mother Teresa found.

"We are eagerly awaiting your generous donations", the Chief Minister said.

(I ´d capitalize the title if you ´re talking about the elected Indian officials)

3 Mar 2010     

United States

I like PhilipR ´s suggestions very much.

3 Mar 2010