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Timesaver ideas

United Kingdom

Timesaver ideas
Thank you for all the colleagues for your encouragement. I am planning a few more timesavers but Running out of ideas. I am willing to create more timesavers not for the points but because even if they are useful for a few people it īs still worth it. I need topics and ideas for timesavers. Any Ideas?
Thank you in advance.

4 Mar 2010      



Movies to use in ESL?

Songs to practice vocabulary and grammar?

Interesting texts (from non-educational sites) to use preparing comprehension, grammar and vocabulary tasks?

Jokes to use in ESL?

Specific vocabulary: traveling, on the phone, at a party, etc...

In fact I know you have provided a vast sort of resources, so I īm not sure on what areas you haven īt sent links yets...

4 Mar 2010     

Czech Republic

Well, Aftab, I think you have provided such a great bunch of timesavers...
You deserve a thousands of points for them :-D
I am not sure if you uploaded the timesaver on interactive games, I mean the sites which allow students to play computer games + learn new vocab + grammar...
Just the interactive games and funny quizzes (no minibooks etc)

4 Mar 2010     


People showed an interest in this area - so SMART BOARD SITES for DIFFERENT SUBJECTS????

4 Mar 2010     


In Spain the number of schools with CLIL subjects is increasing very fast, and the truth is that we need more and more materials every day. What about Science and Arts & Crafts sites with material for +6 children?

Thank you aftab, you īre always so helpful!

4 Mar 2010     


Hi Aftab. I think your timsaver ideas are fantastic and thanks again for all the help you have given me so far. I do lots of work with very small kids so am always looking for themed ideas. eg... a book, a song, an activity and a creative idea all connected to the same theme using basic vocab for the theme. I spend so much time looking for ideas that I sometimes lose track. So if you know any sites with workshops and lots of stuff on the same themes I would be greatful.  Hugs Yeti xx

4 Mar 2010     

United Kingdom

Thank you, I īll look at these ideas.


6 Mar 2010