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ESL forum > Ask for help > List of basic Root Words    

List of basic Root Words

Czech Republic

List of basic Root Words
I am searching net for root words of COMMON vocabulary... The only thing I found was about vocabulary for native speakers with long lists of Greek and Latin prefixes and many unusual words...
Do you happen to know any good website / list for EFL (pre-)intermediate students (B1-B2)?
something easy...
eg: collect - collection, collector, collective, collecting
happy - happiness, unhappiness, happily, unhappy
friend - friendship, friendly, unfriendly

Thanks in advance!!!

5 Mar 2010      


Perhaps you might find the FCE practice tests useful - especially the part of the exam called Use of English and its section Word Formation. I wouldn ´t call it a list, but it deals with forming content-related words from root words, and it ´s all language in use, so it ´s not theory, but practice.
When I try dealing with that, I find these exercises helpful, because starting from the root word is sometimes difficult for my sts, so I do it ´backwards ´ - I have them do this exercise, then we pull out the root words and see how many more we can make like that, based on the root word. Hope this helps a bit.

5 Mar 2010     

United Kingdom

This is the only thing I can come up with.

5 Mar 2010