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ESL forum > Ask for help > Deep pink ?    

Deep pink ?

miss noor

Deep pink ?


Can you tell me if there is another word to mean deep pink ??
Thanks a lot in advance,

7 Mar 2010      

Lina Ladybird

You can also say loud pink or brash pink, but remember that these are quite informal expressions!! ;)

7 Mar 2010     


Deep (about colours) means rich and intense in shade.

7 Mar 2010     


What about magenta or carmine.

7 Mar 2010     


"fuchsia" maybe?
 If you google an image search for īfuchsia color ī you get a very pink kind of pink..Smile

7 Mar 2010     


Great, shusu! Magenta seems the right colour!
Thanks for suggesting the word, I did not know it Smile

7 Mar 2010     

United States

Magenta is a dark, purplish pink.  Fuschia is a medium, intense purplish pink--like the heart face in the center of Miss Noorīs avatar.  It depends on what you īre looking for.  

7 Mar 2010     


There is also crimson.

7 Mar 2010     


This is how magenta is shown on the web.

7 Mar 2010     

Czech Republic

Magenta is generally just a term for process pink, the type they use in printing. If you break open your colour printer cartage you īll see cyan magenta and "yellow" for some reason yellow doesn īt have a special name in that context..
It really has nothing to do with how dark the colour is.

I think the problem we īre  having is that "deep" doesn īt actually refer to anything about a hue. It īs something like dark, it īs not a pastel. As Balba said "rich and intense" all the different names of the colours refer to hue so youīre not going to find a single name.

So a deep pink could be magenta, but it could also be almost red and still be called "deep pink" while magenta could NEVER look like red because the whole point is that it īs process pink with no other colour in it whatsoever.

The primary colours are Cyan Magenta and Yellow.  (Though for some reason they tell children the primary colours are blue red and yellow - This is wrong because red can be divided into magenta and yellow but magenta cannot be divided into anything.

Something can be light magenta.. which wouldn īt be deep pink...

Hope that was clear, it was a bit of a rant.

Edit to add: Donīt worry or think that itīs important to know all these things in English! Its absolutely not! the only reason I know them is that colour theory is part of what I studied in college.

7 Mar 2010     

United States

For ink, the primary colors are cyan, magenta and yellow. For light and paint, they are red, blue and yellow. At least, that īs how I understand it.

7 Mar 2010