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past simple games


past simple games
Hi! I need a game for using the Past simple in my classroom. Any ideas?
P.S. I have got big classes

7 Mar 2010      


   Visit Jecika printables she has board games to practice simple past ok? And they are very good

7 Mar 2010     


I like to play Jeopardy with my students.  If you would like a powerpoint presentation let me know and I will send it to you.
I also sometimes pick a one or two minute clip from Youtube, Just 4 Laugs Gags or Mr. Bean.  I have the students watch it and tell me what happened in the clip.  You can make this into a game by having two teams.  Ask each team to repeat what they saw in the clip using the past tense.  If the teams come up with the same answer there is no point.  A point is given when one team gives an answer that the other team has not written down.
I also like to have the students do interviews of a stars or famous people and have them ask questions about their past.  Where they were born, the last movie they made,  when they were discovered, where they were discovered and other events in their past.

7 Mar 2010     


That ´s what I usually do:
Battleship (oral production)
Bingo (oral reception and pronunciation)
It works!

7 Mar 2010     


I actually just make simple board games with the verbs in the infinitive in each square, then as students move around they have to make a sentence with the verb in the past simple.  If they get the verb wrong, they have to go back three spaces.

It works well with big classes as you can split them into groups of four and they can correct each other, using you if there are disputes.

T :)

7 Mar 2010     


You could play a memory game. Perhaps you know the game ´I went to the market and I bought... ´
So, to practise past simple you can easily use a variation - it might help your Ss remember the past verb forms as well as help them become more fluent and learn some fixed phrases. Tell them to use their immagination :)

You begin by saying, for example: Last summer I went to the seaside (or I went to Scotland - anything will do here).
Student 1 says: Last summer I went to the seaside. I swam every day.
Student 2 says: Last summer I went to the seaside, I swam every day and I visited 10 haunted castles. And so on...

Good luck anyway :) And have a great week everyone!

7 Mar 2010     


thanks to you all! You have been very helpful!

7 Mar 2010