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Grouping Textboxes Tips

Czech Republic

Grouping Textboxes Tips

I received some questions about grouping textboxes in Word 2007, so here is the answer:

Why it is important to group textboxes and pictures in Word and work within drawing canvas?
Because you can change the colours easily then (make the whole page BW) and the worksheet will never be messy! Drawing canvas is a frame and we should work within this frame when we move textboxes/pics.

1. Work within Drawing Canvas 
"Insert" tab  - click on "Shapes," drop-down menu - click "New Drawing Canvas" (drawing frame) 

2. Select
the items you want to group by clicking and holding the "Ctrl" key. Right-click in the canvas and select "Grouping" and "Group." (in Word 2002 move mouse diagonally to select all items...) 
When the textboxes are grouped, they behave like a single picture...They can now be moved simultaneously anywhere on the document.Save your work.

Click "Tools" and "Options." Select the "General" tab and check "Automatically create drawing canvas - OK."  From now on, your canvas will appear every time you use autoshapes...

10 Mar 2010      

Czech Republic

Hope it ´s clear... Thank you for your questions!

IF you need help, feel free to contact me via PM!  Thanks to all fantastic teachers sharing their worksheets grouped and inserted in drawing/painting canvas. You save a lot of ink, time and prevent problems with messy wss... You make your wss even more useful!

( ´O´ )

10 Mar 2010     


Thank YOU Moravc for all your super useful tips.

I ´n starting to get the hang of it, little by little though had never used a drawing canvas before 2 weeks ago!!

10 Mar 2010     


Thanks so much dear friend!!!!! Smile
 Huge hugs

10 Mar 2010     


Morac--Thanks a lot for your super tips!!!
Have a nice day :))

10 Mar 2010     


Thank you for your tips but do you know how to do this with Mac Word? I ´m not able to find these things you ´re explaining at all
Thank you

10 Mar 2010