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ESL forum > Games, activities and teaching ideas > A good hint is welcome!!!    

A good hint is welcome!!!


A good hint is welcome!!!
HI, peeps!
      I work in a bilingual school in Brazil and i need some hints and/or ideas for an eglish day. Can you help me, please? Thanks a lot.

10 Mar 2010      

Sri Lanka

first decide on your events.. are you going to give prizes or certificates for your children? then u must plan ur events according to that..  a prize giving and events before the English day to complete it
 copy writing
Creative writing
Prepared speech
Impromptu speech
songs with dances

and u can have whole list of events , on the final day u can have winners programme + the prize giving
 have a happy English day


10 Mar 2010     


It could also involve food, an English meal or a tea party.
Or posters from your students about Britain or English speaking countries
have fun!!!!!! Smile

10 Mar 2010     

New Zealand

I highly recommend an english song contest.
For younger children a nursery rhyme presentation.  The kids dress up do a big nursery rhyme parade and then get to compete by presenting their nursery rhyme.  Everyone present at the finals.

Common english games fun.
 -egg or potato and spoon race
- sackraces
- three legged race
- conkers
- hopscotch
- elastics using the english rhymes - Ice cream sundae, bigben strikes ten, tinker tailor soldier sailoretc
- knucklebones
- traditional board games

hope that helps.

10 Mar 2010