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Document Size


Document Size
Hi All,
I have made a few simple worksheets and put in a few cut and paste photos.  I then compress the photos.  But, my saved document is still 1000 kb instead of the required under 300 kb!
I have seen more elaborate worksheets, so I don t know why mine are over 300.
Can someone please recommend how to make them smaller?
Please respond to my ESL account or to [email protected].

10 Mar 2010      


Please, go to the tutorials page (http://www.eslprintables.com/buscador/tutorials.asp) and download some. They have many tips on how to resize pictures, and they are free. You won t spend any points downloading them.

10 Mar 2010     


first of all, welcome!

then, let s talk business!
are you creating your document on word 2007? because some wordarts, when converted in word 2003, are very heavy, so check that!
what kind of images did you put? I used to find pictures on the internet and then i realized some were too heavy! check they are in .jpeg, and compress them - if you already did it, never mind!

have a look at the tutorial section, there are some great tutorials, totally free of charge, and you will find many tips there to help you!!! - edit: Zailda is right, as usual!

take care!

10 Mar 2010     


try to scan the document with a low resolution and then paste the picture into a word file, or use fotos from the web.
I had a similar problem witha worksheet, it was enormous due to a little picture I had pasted in a corner... sometimes a little thing is very heavy...
hope it can be useful, bye

10 Mar 2010     


See if this helps its easy and very practical.


Resize digital pictures quickly

Published: June 20, 2005

Half the fun of taking pictures is sharing them with family and friends.

While it s great that newer digital cameras can take beautiful 5-, 6-, or 7-megapixel pictures, e-mailing such large photo files can clog up your recipient s Inbox. Resizing pictures before you e-mail themor even before you burn them to a CDis made simpler using a free Windows XP download called the Image Resizer, which is one of the many handy tools that make up the Microsoft PowerToys for Windows XP.

You can also use the Image Resizer to resize photos so they ll fit on a compatible cell phone, personal digital assistant (PDA), or Portable Media Center so you can enjoy your photos while on the go. Using the Image Resizer is easy, and it will preserve your original photos for other uses you may have in the future.

Good Luck

10 Mar 2010     

Pinky Makus

I was just wondering...

Are you using pictures from the Internet?  Try using the Save Image As option instead of copying the images you like (instead of Copy and Paste).  The images will be much smaller.


10 Mar 2010     


Hi! It happens the same with me;( I have so many interesting powerpoints and worksheets that are too big. I tried many things, still I can t get the required 300kb. I wish ESL would enlarge the size. Hope never dies;)*

10 Mar 2010