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ESL forum > Teaching material > Jackson s bodyguards reveal his secrets     

Jackson s bodyguards reveal his secrets

Russian Federation

Jackson s bodyguards reveal his secrets

11 Mar 2010      


With such an aggressive answer, I must say I watched the video which I wouldn t have done and I think this is not rubbish. For once in many many years, somebody is not nasty with this pop star. He might not have been my cup of tea but he was always doing wrong if you listened to or read the press.
@ darryl cameron : your whole comment is offensive. Who are you to decide what must be on the forum and what mustn t. There are always lots of links to listening and thank goodness for this because it s not always easy to find real situation and this link is one of them. So thanks Sonn for sharing
Hugs from snowy (again) East of France (will this winter ever stop !!!!)

11 Mar 2010     

Russian Federation

I support this video in forum. Why not? I respect the choice and the taste of my collegues.

11 Mar 2010     

United States

Interesting video--thanks

11 Mar 2010     

Hong Kong

Yes, your right.
Ouch ...Ouch
I was harsh at a member simply trying to help.
I apologise to Sonn.
I should not have referred to the video as rubbish and have removed my comment.
Very true ... Sorry for that.
Just seemed like an extended add to me. And I simply think those guys were paid to do that? The mention of paedophelia kind of irked me too.
So ... next time, perhaps Sonn could add some remarks as to why he posted the video and some suggestion as to how to use it.
Hmmmmm ..... ?

11 Mar 2010