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ESL forum > Ask for help > I try to get in touch with mmargalef    

I try to get in touch with mmargalef


I try to get in touch with mmargalef
Mmargalef sent me a comment and I want to answer but I canīt get  in touch with her ( I donīt know why, but it is impossible....)   Does anyone know her e-mail?
thanks so much.
Does anyone know how to supress a file after it has been sent?   I sent two worksheets, one contains mistakes and I donīt know how to remove it?
thanks for your help.

21 Sep 2008      


Hi, Volcane!
Next to each of your printables, you have this:
Author options:
Update this printable (Send a new document if you want to make corrections)
Edit printable information (title, description, level, contents...)
Delete this printable
Just click "Delete" to remove the worksheet DEFINITIVELY. You will lose your points.
Clik on Update if you want to replace your worksheet by a new version without losing your points!

21 Sep 2008     


If you leave a comment under one of her worksheets, sheīll receive it the next time she logs on.

21 Sep 2008     


Hi Volcane
my email is [email protected]. What I meant with my comment is what Frenchfrog has already explained. Wink
Sorry if my comments was not so clear. It was midnight, I was really tired and my English was not very fluent Confused

21 Sep 2008