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ESL forum > Ask for help > A good warm up for basic 1 class    

A good warm up for basic 1 class

[email protected]! P

A good warm up for basic 1 class

Hi. Colleagues.


Like always I need help. Can you kindly help me?

Today I’m starting a basic 1 class. These students are starting from “zero” English. They don’t know I single word in English and class has to be 100% English.  I’m always worried about these kinds of class because it’s difficult to me to teach, explain and make myself completely clear in English.

I’m planning my lesson right now and I can think about a good warm up because of that. The class is in the evening. My students are teens and adults and they come tired from work and school. So can you also give a good and different idea of warm up for this class?

I kind think about anything.


Thank you a lot.

12 Mar 2010      


It usually helps if you boost their confidence a bit at first - ask them to say all the words and phrases they already know in English (they surely know some - sandwich, taxi, pizza, computer, thank you, sorry, etc.) - when they see a board full of words it might relax them and make them feel more confident about themselves, plus it offers them a brief, easy introduction into what these words look like in English spelling. Then you can split them into groups (2-3, depending on how many of them there are in the group). Use a word from the board in a sentence and have them guess its meaning(e. g. I like vegetarian pizza.) - give points for each correct guess and choose the winners.
After this brief introduction, you can start teaching them the basic stuff on how to introduce themselves, have them write down some useful phrases and then present themselves.
Always finish with a game and give them sth to take home(not literally, but some new word, phrase, item of knowledge) - a simple hangman with GOODBYE, STUDENTS! will do.
PS: will also send you a pm....

12 Mar 2010     


My introduction is  the song English is easy- there they can hear  many English words they already know- taxi, hamburger, telephone banana, CD, radio, music..... and they are able to repeat them as well. They also get their first English hw- they have to draw 4 "flashcards" with the words from the song. If you need the song I can email it to  you on your pm. A nice weekend!

12 Mar 2010     

[email protected]! P

Thank all teachers that gave me some many good ideas. I followed anitarobi’s idea and it worked really well. I’ll try the others ideas I’d receive by PM next classes.




14 Mar 2010