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Can you help me, please ?

miss noor

Can you help me, please ?
I am going to teach the word : process as a verb.
Can you help me explain it ?
Can you you give me easy examples about it?
My students are 15 yoears old.
Thanks a lot in advance,

12 Mar 2010      


Hi, here īs some examples (ramblings maybe) from the top of my head, hope it helps to inspire you:

Our brains can process lots of information at the same time; information from our eyes, ears, touch, taste and smell. 
Like our brains, computers can process lots of information at the same time, and in different ways, for example moving information from one part of the computer to another, creating a printed document from an onscreen document, performing a spell-check on text, re-sizing images or converting colours.....these are all examples of how computers "process" information.
When a person is thinking, they are processing information.
Maybe it could be taught effectively using also the noun to help reinforce the idea:
The examiner processed the exam papers immediately after the exam.  The process of grading the papers took a long time.

12 Mar 2010