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ESL forum > Ask for help > Teaching without a Black/Whiteboard    

Teaching without a Black/Whiteboard


Teaching without a Black/Whiteboard
Hi everyone,
I may have to teach a course without the use of a black/whiteboard.  This is not something I īm used to and although I can see some lessons not needing it so much... does anyone have any advice for getting the best out of these lessons without going mad with a photocopier or just relying on books.
Obviously if the students were advanced it might be different but with beginner/pre-int levels I think explaining certain grammar points could have its challenges.  (Oh, they are also adults)
Anyone got experience with this?
Thanks in advance for any suggestions! 

12 Mar 2010      


Hi Sclail, why not use one of those mobile white boards on wheels? surely it īs not a big expense for the school where you īll be teaching, and they can just wheel it out for your use then wheel it away in storage when not in use.
I īve done that myself when teaching English to the staff of a big hotel chain, and it worked well.
If that īs totally impossible, why not use large poster-size sheets of paper clipped to a stand?
good luck and hope it works out!

12 Mar 2010     


Well I īm not quite sure what kind of teaching you are going to have.
But maybe in one hand this is perfect level of students to do "non board" lessons.
Use dolls, talk a lot, describe pictures/photos, read books to the students and then discuss with the students about the book.
And if you really need to write something, use A3 or A2 size papers to write on. Maybe you can get also a small plastic board where you can write on and then erase.
Good luck.

12 Mar 2010     


Hi, thanks for your suggestion johanne.  Its not at a school so I īd have to buy it myself, but will do if its not too expensive ( I do like the idea of the wheely board though).
Ynroko1 - they are not very advanced and so I think reading books or talking a lot in english would scare them a bit :-)  But the A3 / A2 is good.  Thanks!

12 Mar 2010     


What about cuisenaire rods? A little old school but they can be used for teaching grammar and vocabulary.

Good sets of flashcards would also help. Songs wouldn īt need a board either.

If you can īt invest in mini whiteboards would you be able to laminate white paper to make your own - you can still write on them with board pens and wipe off with paper.

Also choose a good coursebook with comprehensive activities - I recommend English File or Cutting Edge - they also come with excellent teacher resource packs.

12 Mar 2010     


Hi Sclail
One of my friends uses a portable whiteboard that he keeps in the boot of his car.  You can see an example of one here (fourth picture).
There īs also a new product on the market called a magic flip chart which looks fabulous and so much easier than a portable whiteboard.  It īs light and reusable. 

13 Mar 2010     

Lina Ladybird

Dear sclail, I have a portable whiteboard which I take with me whenever I know that there īs no big blackboard or whiteboard in a certain place where I teach. It looks like this and it wasn īt even expensive!!
Good luck, topolina

13 Mar 2010     


Thanks everyone!

18 Mar 2010