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ESL forum > Ask for help > help............."a glass of milkshake" or "a cup of milkshak"     

help............."a glass of milkshake" or "a cup of milkshak"


help............."a glass of milkshake" or "a cup of milkshak"
Dear all,
I have a questionConfused
Shuould I say "a glass of milkshake" or "a cup of milkshake"

24 Mar 2010      

American Teacher
United States

When we order a milkshake, we usually just ask for "a milkshake". We do not use glass or cup.

"I´ll have a large chocolate milkshake."
The only time we usually ask for a glass of something, especially when at a restaurant, is for a glass of wine.
When the waitress/waiter asks us what we want to drink, we usually answer- a coke, pepsi, coffee, tea, etc.
When ordering from a take out or drive through (like McDonald´s) we usually order a coke. They ask what size- small, medium, or large.
In America, we usually do not specifiy what the liquid should come in. We already assume that most things come in cups. Cold beverages come in one type of cup, and hot beverages come in cardboard or styrofoam cups.
Glass is for cold liquids (they break if hot liquid is poured into them) and cups or mugs are for hot liquids.

24 Mar 2010     


we usually dont use a quantifier...DJ Barry

24 Mar 2010     

steve ESL
United States

"I ´d like a milkshake" is enough.
Or, as others have said, "a chocolate milkshake", "a large chocolate milkshake", etc.

24 Mar 2010     


Yep ... just ask for a milkshake
"Can I have a [flavour] milkshake please"

24 Mar 2010