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I could use some help


I could use some help
Hey everyone:
I need some help!  I am giving a lecture to some University student tomorrow about the Shanghai Expo 2010.  There are about 30 students that are going to volunteer at the Expo. I was just told about it today and I have made a great PPT.   There job is just to help foreigner with directions and information.  I am trying to come up with some activities to get them speaking and I need the activities to be about situations that might come up during their volunteer work.  Does anyone have any suggestions about what kind of role plays might work or any other ideas?  Any help would be greatly appreciated.
Cheers from Shanghai,

24 Mar 2010      


first, you (I mean personally you and your students) should think over the information that might be necessary and interesting to the foreigners and then propose your students to play these situations changing roles. I think new words and questions will appear if they will do this themselves (not only according to the material given by you).

So, what kind of information may be needed:
- time - start, end, breaks, time difference, arrivals and departures schedule
- place - directions, do not forget about the toilets
- meals - coffee-break, lunch, drinks
- free-time - sightseeing, transport, chinese food 
- culture issues - foreiners are always interested in specific information about this. if there are special opening and closing programmes, girls in national clothes, music, flowers, ceremonies, I don īt know, be sure they will be able at least in some words to explain their meaning.  

24 Mar 2010