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Problem with loading


Problem with loading
Hi! I am a new member of this website and I really like it! But I have a problem. I prepared a "cut & stick" worksheet about the objects in a house, it´s two pages long (and over 300 kb.), however I couldn´t manage to load it together. I can send it in two pieces but then they seem as two different worksheets. How can I load them and then you see the two pages as one ws.? thanks...

20 Nov 2008      


Hi sungari! here you have a tutorial that can help you

If you don´t have points to download it leave me a private message with your email and I can send it to you.

20 Nov 2008     


Unfortunately you have to split them and yes they look like two different worksheets.

Many people here add "name of worksheet (1 of 2)" or something like that in the title.  They also add some informatrion in the description, so we know to look for the other half.

You can reduce the size of the images: 
a) Double click one of the images in your worksheet
b) on the image tab press "Compress"
c) Select "all images on this document" and "for web or screen"
d) Voila.

Hope that reduces the size enough.

There are other ways to reduce the size of worksheets, someone did a tutorial about it, but I can´t find it.  Maybe someone will post the link... See told you.

20 Nov 2008     


Hi sungari!!
Contact with logos and download a file that explains how to reduce the size of your pictures. It really works. Good luck.

20 Nov 2008     


thank you all for your help. that tutorial is really a helpful one! It works :)
and patricia... thanks for your offer Hug

20 Nov 2008