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Help with a sentence


Help with a sentence
Could anyone please tell me if there is sth wrong here ?
"Not only aren īt they thought to be honest, but also liars."
Wouldn īt it be better to say : "Not only are they thought to be dishonest but also liars" ? Is it correct to use a negative form after "not only ..." ??
Thanks for your help!
Happy Easter to all !

3 Apr 2010      

Fabiola R

I think the second sentence is ok..

See you! Smile

3 Apr 2010     


You can īt use a negative form of a verb if there is a word with negative meaning such as never, hardly, scarcely, barely, not only, not till, on no account etc

Happy Easter to you too!

3 Apr 2010     

United States

The second sentence is definitely correct. The first is incorrect, but not because of a double negative. It is because the verb is negated for "honest", but not for "liars". That just doesn īt work. You need a separate verb for the last part of the sentence, if you want it to work. That īs just way too complicated, so stick with the second sentence.

3 Apr 2010     

Costa Rica

Hi. That sentence doesn īt make sense. It does not abide by the parallel structure rule. You could say, not only are they not..., but the problem is with the second part. What this sentence means is: They are not honest, and they are not liars, which is a contradiction.
But anyways, the whole sentence is a little redundant. If someone is a liar, s/he is definitely not honest, so the sentence is just wordy.
I hope this helps.

3 Apr 2010     


Thanks a lot Kodora, Fabiola and Paul. I definitely thought there was sth wrong when I read it - FCE student - but couldn īt really say why, I just wrote down the second one as a correction but had to know what to explain to him later !!
And Bruce, thank you for your explanation, I had the idea it was wrong because of the double negative, not because of the reason you explained, now I get it.
                       Thumbs Up

3 Apr 2010