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ESL forum > Ask for help > How do you call this in English?    

How do you call this in English?

Russian Federation

How do you call this in English?
Hello, dear friends! I need your help again! Smile
My students have a lot extra classes (besides school lessons). Some of them go to the swimming pool, some have piano lessons and so on.  What is the correct way to say: "I go to extra clubs after school". or "I have extra classes." or ...?
And I have a doubt how to call this extra clubs.
- dance classes
- swimming lessons
- piano lessons
- table tennis lessons 
My nephew  goes to  a club and they make model aeroplanes there, and my son goes to folk-cfaft school and they make different things of birch bark there. How would you call these extra clubs?Embarrassed
And one more question, if you don īt mind. Wink 
What extra clubs do your children or children in your country usually attend?
Have a nice day! Hugs from Siberia! Hug
P.S. Sorry for takind up so much space in the forum. But I really need to know it.

7 Apr 2010      

Fabiola R

I think you call them EXTRA CURRICULAR ACTIVITIES...

7 Apr 2010     

United States

Fabiola is right. They are also called after-school activities.

7 Apr 2010     

United States

The general term would be "after-school activities or clubs". The names of specific activities and clubs can be different.

Examples: Hiking Club, Student Council, (Name of the school) Band, Book Club, Drill Team, Cooking Club, Honor Society, Choir, Orchestra, Computers, ROTC, Cheerleaders, etc.

And of course there are athletics/sports programs: Boys Soccer, Girls Soccer, Basketball, Football, etc.

Oh, and kids would say, "I have a soccer practice today after school".


7 Apr 2010     

United Kingdom

I would say
model plane club
craft group

7 Apr 2010     

United States

"extracurricular activities" or "after-school activities"--extracurricular tends to mean there is some (if only a small one) tie to the school.
The "clubs" you named as lessons look good.
I agree with "model plane club" and craft group (or crafting group/club).

7 Apr 2010     

Russian Federation

Thanks a lot Fabiola, Bruce, Volga, dawnmain and Douglas! You helped me a lot! Clap

Have a nice day!  Hugs!

7 Apr 2010     


In the UK the most common after school clubs are sports-related - gymnastics, swimming, football etc or music/dance related. I used to go to band, ballet, jazz, singing, drama and swimming classes (not all at the same time!).

In Spain, a lot of students go to a private English academy, the conservatory (for music lessons) or again, sports-related activities. Specific to Seville are also Sevillianas classes - a traditional dance. There are also those who attend French classes. After-school language classes are not very common in the UK.

The other common after-school activity in the UK is a general after-school club which does a variety of activities. These are basically a babysiiting service for students whose parents work until 5/5.30 and need somewhere to leave their kids. It also has a ībreakfast club ī function where students can go there before school.

I would agree with most of the above answers. After-school club doesn īt necessarily have a link to school whereas I would say extra-curricular activity does. That īs just a feeling however.

Model plane club sounds ok - maybe model-making club? I īve never heard of one so I don īt know for sure. Wood crafting club, perhaps for your son īs club. Generally the less common clubs have names specific to their activities. If you are learning how to hop, it would be called the hopping club, for example!

7 Apr 2010