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Hi everyone!
I was just wondering if you could give me some ideas...well, I want my students to prepare an oral presentation with a powerpoint in order to improve their oral skills for the unit we are dealing at the moment: life experiences using present perfect.What topic should I use? I want to motivate them!!!

Thanks in advance!

7 Apr 2010      


hi dear
  in my opinion you īd better choose football topic "have you ever been to New camp?
Have you ever met Christiano Ronaldo? Have you ever taken a picture with? and it depends on the age of ur students. Hope that u ll find it useful.bye

7 Apr 2010     

Puerto Rico

Why dont you give them an open topic based on their  first experience in somenthing... i dont  know your students age but you can make a list and let them choose.  for example your first dance, first kiss, first boyfriend/girl 

7 Apr 2010     


they are 14/15 yrs old...You had a gread idea but if I do that they īll use past simple :-S

7 Apr 2010     


You could ask your class to choose a company and prepare the necessary steps that are required in opening up the company. 

Such as:.
The architect has already drawn up the plans but the building has not been completed yet.
(find plans of a building and show what has already been done).
We have already hired a Manager. She has already worked for IBM and she has had to  previously deal with many situations when opening up a new company.  (find a picture of an assistant and show some tasks that have already been accomplished by this person)
You could explain how the company has recently launched a new product.
(find a picture of a product and explain what has already  been done to promote the product and what hasn īt been done yet. 
You could also have them do a presentation on a famous person.
Elizabeth Soso  hasn īt been in movies for many years.  We haven īt seen her star in any new movies in a long time.  It has been 20 years since her last movie. 
She hasn īt lived in New York city for many years.  She has recently been assigned to star in a new movie etc. 
They could tell what the star has already done in her life, what she has done recently and what she hasn īt done in many years.
For life experiences you could do much of the same showing what they have already done and what they havenīt done in their lives yet.  They can also speak about people and places they havenīt seen in a long time.
I hope this helps. 
I had my class do a powerpoint presentation on the past tense.  They had to choose a country and speak about what they saw and did.  They also included some general information about the country.  It was a great success because the class also learned a lot about different countries.

7 Apr 2010