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ESL forum > Ask for help > Using Special/Unique Fonts    

Using Special/Unique Fonts


Using Special/Unique Fonts
I īm asking this question because I have a large collection of fonts I īve downloaded from online from different places. Recently I used one in a new WS I was making. When I uploaded it to the site here it got simplified into a different one, I presume because it īs not supported. Is that the case?

What fonts are supported? Is it possible to use one that is not supported somehow? Some of the fonts I have look really good and I īd like to include them in the worksheets I upload here, too. Is there a solution?


8 Apr 2010      


Use "paint" to write whatever you need and then cut and paste it on your ws. This is what I always do. Hope it helps.

8 Apr 2010     


You can use any font you wish...
What I do to keep the font I wish in my documents is that I open a text saquare in Power Point, then I type the title or sentence I wish in that font, click right on the text saquare and save it as an image...
An image which I will insert in my document of Word
That is the easiest way I know to use nice fonts in my worksheets

9 Apr 2010     


@ rose95: I try to use paint but the number of fonts there are very limited or am I doing something wrong?

9 Apr 2010     


put the fonts in your windows ī fonts folder, see below

then use Ms Paint, save it into jpeg format
after that  insert it into Ms word.

if you have special fonts in your Ms word then you open it at your friends ī computer/PC/Laptop/any device. i think you won īt be able to see the special fonts, just an ordinary fonts.
it does the same here.


9 Apr 2010     


In MS Word, go to Tools -> Options -> Save -> tick the box Embed Truetype fonts.

This should do the trick, although it īll make your ws heavier (probably 100kB or so).

9 Apr 2010     

United States

The problem is that not everybody uses the same version of Word (or the same word processor).  There is a set of core fonts that should work on "all" word processors, if you use one of these you should have no problems:
Andale Mono,  Arial,  Arial black,  Comic Sans MS,  Courier New,  Georgia,  IMpact,  Times New Roman,  Trebuchet MS,  Verdana,  Webdings
These were all established as part of a program to help standardize fonts for web design.

9 Apr 2010     


Philip īs solution is great, because it saves the fonts with the document, so it can be edited afterwards.
The only problem is that it doesn īt work with all the fonts, but it is worth a try.

9 Apr 2010     


Wow. thanks for the help, all! I managed to upload a ws with a special font last night with no problems (and I hadn īt embedded it) so I īm not sure why the other one didn īt work.

9 Apr 2010