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Inductive approach


Inductive approach
Good morning everyone,
This year the Greek Ministry changed our books in lower secondary school. Our new books have an inductive approach. I was taught inductive teaching at university but that was long ago and I am in desperate need of new ideas.  Do any of you use this style of teaching? I īd really appreciate some suggestions for Intermediate level students.

9 Apr 2010      


Dear Maria,
I can īt help you with my ideas but  found some sites which might be useful:

www.teflcertificatecourses.com/.../tesol-inductive-deductive-approaches.php -


I hope I īve been of some help!

9 Apr 2010     


Hi Maria!

In the inductive approach the new grammatical structures or rules are presented to the students in a real language context. The students learn the use of the structure through practice of the language in context, and later realize the rules from the practical examples.

I think most coursebooks use this approach. There is a listening or a reading comprehension activity at the beginning of each unit, which presents the new structure.

For instance, there is an interview which contains examples of the Present Perfect Continuous. e.g. "I īve been working in the media for about three years." The teacher asks the students questions such as "When did he start to work in the media?", "Does he still work in the media?" so the students understand that we use this structure to talk about an activity that started in the past and is still continuing. Then the students are asked to find more examples in the text, which are analysed in a similar way.

Have a nice day!


9 Apr 2010     


Hi dear maria! Inductive approach is my favourite. Check my answer to this post:
Hope it helps.

9 Apr 2010