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Help in tutoring


Help in tutoring
Hello there my knowledgeable ESL friends:
I am tutoring a Chinese student tomorrow for the first time.  He is from a rich family, he is in middle school and his English is intermediate.  He is very disinterested in learning English, but he has to because his parents want him to go abroad when he graduates high school.  I have some ideas, but I am wondering what approaches you would take in this situation.  The lesson is 100 minutes long.  Any ideas about how to do the first lesson with him.  Thanks in advance for your ideas / advice,
Cheers from Shanghai,

9 Apr 2010      


In my opinion, you should start the lesson with a conversation in order to know his level and specially his interests: music, sports, films, cities, cultures, food, free time...This way you will be able to motivate him by preparing activities about the topics he likes. I would use real material, trailers of recent films, songs (check this site: www. lyricstraining.com), newspaper articles about his football team, comment on a football match...I think you can get a lot of good ideas in this site. Good luck!

9 Apr 2010     


I taught a very unmotivated student who had failed English and had to retake the exam a couple of years ago and it ended up being one of my favourite tutoring jobs! I agree with potentina - find out what motivates him. I went to the student īs house so I was able to see his favourite football team, his interest in motorbikes, the famous people he liked all from the surroundings. Take an open cloze about carrot addiction and most students will find it dull (though I personally find it fascinating!). Make the open cloze about the history of their favourite football team and suddenly they īre engaged!

Start as you mean to go on - give him a variety of activities the first lesson - include different skills. It īs unlikely you can keep a conversation with a teenager going for 100 minutes so include some reading and writing activities. Push him a little - include some things a little above his level so he has to think more (not too much above or it can be demotivating).

Have fun!

(Oh - my student passed his retake and went on to pass every other English exam - his mother phoned me recently to ask if I knew a good French tutor!)

9 Apr 2010     


I īve been using skype in class so they would chat with other English teachers/ native speakers. My students got very motivated. If you like my idea, I can also participate and we can arrange our calls. 

9 Apr 2010     


I would start with free talk, this way you will get to know about his intrests and find his level.

9 Apr 2010