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ESL forum > Ask for help > Cars Gender....feminine? Why and when? Rules?    

Cars Gender....feminine? Why and when? Rules?

a isabel

Cars Gender....feminine? Why and when? Rules?

Can anyone explain when do we refer to cars as "she"?
I m reading a short story by Roald Dahl and he does that, referring to a Cdillac.

11 Apr 2010      


I would say that it implies affection towards the car. Someone who is proud of their car or attached to it, would refer to it as "she".
A Cadillac would probably qualify :)

11 Apr 2010     


It s the same as referring to pets, we usually use the pronoun: it while discussing an animal, unless we relate to a beloved pet.

11 Apr 2010     


Car enthusiasts have borrowed the phrase  from people who refer to ships as a she. Some collectors and aficionados refer to their automobiles as "she" as a means of affection and admiration.   In the military sailors treat their ships as objects of beauty, dedication and affection.   That is  why women are she because, we possess beauty, dedication and affection, but of course we are not objects.LOL

11 Apr 2010     

United States

My cars have always been named "Hank", so they are all "he", but then I m a bit strange!

11 Apr 2010     


When I was at university some years ago now, a teacher of mine told us that sailors and drivers used "she" when they refered to their ship and car because you could handle a ship or a car like you can handle a woman... It does sound very sexist and we booed him!!! But it s always stayed on my mind...
I m not sure it will help but then again, I m not sure this explanation was not the truth because we, women, have been considered as objects for quite a long time and unfortunately still are in some cultures...

11 Apr 2010     

a isabel

Thanks a lot for your comments and help!
Have a nice week!

11 Apr 2010