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PLease help me


PLease help me
do we have to add any to the following sentence:

They haven īt got white kittens.

Is the sentence wrong this way?

13 Apr 2010      


It doesnīt sound natural. I would say:

They donīt have any white kittens (it is in the plural)
There are no white kittens.
There arenīt any white kittens.
There isnīt a white kitten. (now, itīs singular, but can be two, three, four...ok?) There isnīt a white kitten but there is a black one.
Lots of way of saying the same thing....
Hope it helps...

13 Apr 2010     


It wouldn īt be wrong in British English. But in American English we would say We don īt have white kittens.
The difference is in the use of British and American language.
I hope I could help you.

13 Apr 2010     


( Sorry! I deleted my message because I did not read yours carefully!!! I thought it was about have got vs have (US ), but it īs not!!! I hope you īll get more īefficient ī answers about ANY!!!!!!!!!! )

13 Apr 2010     


They haven īt got white kittens has a different emphasis to they haven īt got any white kittens
They haven īt got white kittens really emphasizes that they have kittens in other colours but not in white or that the question may be absurd i.e ī as I have already told you, they haven īt got WHITE kittens
They haven īt got any white kittens is purely provides information.

13 Apr 2010     


It^s not wrong. I think you don īt need to add ANY. Normally people expect to hear such a sentence afterwards.  ī ...but they have got grey kittens. ī  We have to consider the matter as teaching Quantifiers I guess. we teach have/has got using quantifiers. īhave got some, haven īt got any... ī  I hope it helps...

13 Apr 2010     


thanks a million dear colleagues :)

14 Apr 2010