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A new course


A new course
   I would like to ask if anyone can help me choosing a syllabus or materials for a course for beginners and intermediate learners. For example , the books or CDs....etc.
                 Thanks for everybody.

23 Apr 2010      


   Maybe you can find something here ok? www.englishtips.org Here you can find so many books I suggest the timesavers are excellent

23 Apr 2010     


Personally, the Inside Out series is very nice in content and topics for teenagers, it goes from elementary to upper intermediate - Macmillan .
And Oxford has a nice series for adults called English File, very good too.
If it īs for kids, I īd recommend Bright Sparks, for 8-11 year olds and if they are, say 5 - 7 maybe Little Bugs ( this one has a series that begins with Little bugs and continues with Big Bugs ) Macmillan too.  That īs just an idea, but there are so many good books other than these! Maybe somebody else helps you with a different option... 

23 Apr 2010     


It would depend on your students. For adults I recommend English File. For teenagers, I prefer Cutting Edge. Both come with excellent resource packs for teachers. If you are designing a syllabus from scratch, I suggest looking at the contents pages of a number of course books to decide what you think you should include - for example most intermediate books include narrative tenses, reported speech, the passive and present perfect continuous along with vocabulary about travelling, sports, money, mysteries etc.

Good luck

23 Apr 2010