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Please help me!


Please help me!
Dear Colleagues!
Please help me in these questions:
1.Which one of the following statements is true?
A) Whwn the total value of imports exceeds the total value of exports, the balance of trade is favourable.
B.)The balance of trade is considered unfavourable in the country imports more than it exports.
C.)Invisible items are included in the balance of trade.
D)The balance of payements shows the invisible items bjut not the visible items.
2. The rate at which a countrie īs exports are exchanged for its imports is called the...
A) Terms of payements
B)Balance of trade
c)balance of payements
D)terms of trade
I hope someone can help me. The dictionary couldn īt help me. Thans in advance!

28 Apr 2010      

United States

1 = B (When you have more imports than exports. Your buying more than your selling.)

2  = B ("Balance of Trade" is awkward. Its usually called "Trade Balance")

28 Apr 2010     


Thanks very much.Smile

28 Apr 2010