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ESL forum > Ask for help > Writing skills : Collapse of our Civilization.    

Writing skills : Collapse of our Civilization.


Writing skills : Collapse of our Civilization.
Hi, Dear Colleagues.

I need your help and I need it urgently.

I have to guide my 3rd year PP to produce a piece of writing (text of about 4/5 §) about the main reasons/causes which may lead to the collapse of our modern civilization (pollution, nuclear warfare, economic collapse, diseases...)

Due to the way this is presented in the textbook and the pupils level (especially lack of vocabulary), it will be really a hard job which may end unfruitful.

So, I am looking for WS, lesson plans, guidelines, or any other material to help them step by step reach this goal.

Another constraint, we have to do this is that we have to do it in no more than 2 hours.

Any kind of help is welcome.

Thanks in advance.

22 Nov 2008      


Hi, this is a page about how to write serious texts. Iīm sending you this one because as far as I know all studentsī main problem is using linking words appropriately. Have a look, itīs quite all right. Probably too difficult but Iīm sure it can be adapted.



22 Nov 2008     


This is my humble contribution, but I think that it is far appart from what you need:

22 Nov 2008     


Hi , kashkina

and damielle
Thank you very much for your precious and prompt help.
Thumbs Up

22 Nov 2008