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ESL forum > Ask for help > Can it be considered as stolen?    

Can it be considered as stolen?


Can it be considered as stolen?
Hi dear colleagues!
And thank you for sharing your great work on this friendly website, itīs a fantastic opportunity we have her!

My question today is the following: last week, for my Geography-civilization lesson plan about the USA, I prepared a Powerpoint about Mount Rushmore.
A big part of it was taken from a website (the pictures and some paragraphs) but I also used other sources and I re-organisez it differently and added some questions and structure.
I thought I could share it with you, in this time when US presidents are a reccurrent topic. But I īm afraid some would considered m work as stolen since I based the powerpoint on 1 particular site (which, by the way, I quote in the 1st page as being my major source of information).
So what do you think? Would you advise me not to take any risk or do you think it shouldnīt be a problem as itīs not a mere īcopy-pasteī ?
Thanks a lot for all your suggestions!
Have a GREAT weekend!

22 Nov 2008      


Hi Anna! For me, as long as you identify the source of information, itīs OK!!! Have a nice weekend! Smile

22 Nov 2008     


Sorry, not Anna, CHRIS!!! And by the way, a worksheet cannot be considered "stolen" if you identify the source!

22 Nov 2008     


Thank you Mena22 and stexstme,
I feel more confident now Smile

By the way, I am Chris, and ANNAW is my little sunshine, my 1 year-old babygirl. I know itīs a bit stupid to have used her name, but I tend to be so full of love and emotion since sheīs part of our life that it may have seriously impaired my imagination, lol!  But iīm sure all the mums (and dads of course) here will understand what I mean Embarrassed
Some shrinks would probably call that an emotional identity transference LOL

22 Nov 2008     

United States

In the music world, as long as you give credit for your information (or song)
there is no problem because you are not taking credit for anotherīs work.

What you ARE doing is saving all of us here a lot of work!
If you compare re-organizing the work with people who sample
and re-mix a song, it is the same thing and no
one calls them thieves!!

So I think itīs ok to do what youīre doing.
Happy weekend

22 Nov 2008