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ESL forum > Teaching material > How do we deal with stollen material?    

How do we deal with stollen material?


How do we deal with stollen material?

Iīm very upseat because I have just seen one of my worksheets being posted by someone else (ryler), he, or she has one of my creations and is using it. I donīt know how he/she has it. Imagine how itīs possible: I used one of MES  wordsearches and made a grid to write the meanings of the words they (my students)found, itīs not possible that he had the same idea as I had and that has used the same letter and structure. He hasnīt changed a bit he original. But the worse thing is that I canīt understand how itīs possible.Is it someone I know!??? Donīt download it please!! Or you are helping someone that is taking advantage of my own work.

Célia Martins!

23 Nov 2008      

United States

If you are sure that the material is stolen - right under the download button is:

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Is this worksheet stolen from another website or publication?
Isnīt it an ESL resource?
Is the file corrupted or empty?
report it!

I would suggest to report it by clicking on the report it button.


The author



English ESL teacher. Iīve been teaching music and English since 1984. I teach English from grade 2 to 10th.I am also an English lyricist.


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23 Nov 2008     


Hi, Celia!

It seems that you are not the only one she or he has stolen a worksheet from, because Katiana has also reported another of her/his worksheet as stolen.
If I were you, I would report it to Victor using the report it button....
Have a nice Sunday

23 Nov 2008     


celiamc, you have to report this link:
Katiana has reported another ws uploaded by ryler. This is the link:

23 Nov 2008     


As libertybelle said

Have a nice day :)

23 Nov 2008