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help translating


help translating
Good morning to you all!
I am working on my lesson plans for the Spanish state exam and I have a doubt regarding a term. I have seen people use "didactic objectives" for Objetivos didácticos, that is, the objectives for each of the units. I ´ve been doing some research and it seems to me that didactic objective is not used in that context that much. Can any of our native English-speaking members help me out with this? 
Thanks a lot in advance!

17 May 2010      


Hi Carolina! I ´m not a native speaker but I think "didactic objectives" are often referred to as teaching objectives, lesson / unit aims, or target language.

17 May 2010     


Hi Carolina,


I ´m not sure what the British call them but while living and teaching in the US we called them Unit/lesson aims and sometimes rarely though objectives.  At university I was taught that


Aims are broader statements of whatever learning you hope to generate. The aim is basically the sum of the Objectives. The aim, we can say, is actually the point of the whole thing. 


Objectives are those points that you are setting out to teach, but usually stated as if the students were going to learn it.

I hope I have helped and not confused you.


17 May 2010     


Hi Caroline!
English is not my mother tongue but maybe I can help you a bit. At university we had native speakers and they told us to use either LESSON AIMS (which would be rather AmE) or TEACHING OBJECTIVES (which sounds a bit more British to me)
Hope it ´s a little help for you

17 May 2010     


Hi Carolina,
I went to classes in order to prepare my exams and my didactic programming and the teachers use the word objectives; then, objectives is the word that I use in my programming.
Good luck with your exams

17 May 2010     


I use "learning objectives" in my teaching plan. Hope it helps and good luck!

17 May 2010