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ESL forum > Ask for help > Two in one- Games to teach the time and "if you´re happy and you know it" song    

Two in one- Games to teach the time and "if you´re happy and you know it" song


Two in one- Games to teach the time and "if you´re happy and you know it" song
Hi again my dearest colleagues

I´m using just one post to ask for two favours, I hope you don´t mind me being practical!

So, this is the first question: do you know of any games to revise the time? I´ve already taught my kids how to say the time in English but what I´m looking for now is some kind of game where I can reinforce what they already know. They´ve already "built" their own clocks and we´ve played the game where I say a time and they have to show the clock with the right one (we did a race at the end, it was fun! Tongue) Or maybe you know a song?

And the last thing: do you know where I could get the music of the song "If you are happy and you know it" but without the lyrics? (my kids are singing it and i don´t want their voices mingling with the audio).

Thanks, thanks, thanks so much in advance.

Hope you are all ok and have a great week. Regards. Raquel

17 May 2010      


You can find many interesting things to teach beginners in a book called OLD FAVORITES FOR ALL AGES by ANNNA MARIA MALKOC

17 May 2010     


Hi Rakelica,

Here are some ideas:

Songs to Teach the time

Maybe do some word problems so that they can use them practically!

You can ask the students to make a schedule of their favourite TV shows or some activities

You will have to create an account but it ´s free!  And has lots of other resources, especially if you ´re teaching math.

Hope that gives you a start on planning some fun activities for your students!


I found it by searching for "if you´re happy and you know it" karaoke

17 May 2010     


WOW! thanks ever so much atsanti85, you´re very kind to share all these resources

have a great day! thanks again Clap

18 May 2010