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ESL forum > Ask for help > any good idea for teaching "birthday party"    

any good idea for teaching "birthday party"


any good idea for teaching "birthday party"
Hi, there
I am going to teach my ESL students about "birthday party"
Do you have any good idea about it??
the new words in this lesson are birthday cake/ party / surprise / party hat / decoration / balloon / present ......
Can you think of any interesting activities or games???

18 May 2010      


How about asking the students to go shopping for a birthday party?
If you have pictures of these things, you can mix them up with other things you might find in a store... and then ask the students to make a list and pick them out when they go "shopping"

Another thing you could do is play HANGMAN or a guess the word sort of activity, depending on how old/young your students are.

On a personal note, I love taboo because it involves creativity and thinking.


18 May 2010     

United Kingdom

Get them to design party invitations, might be good fun!

18 May 2010     

United Kingdom

How old are your Ss? If they īre small you could show them Peppa Pig - very sweet cartoons which last 5-10 min - there are a couple of birthday party episodes.

For example "Daddy Pig īs Birthday" http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1O8sV4u_CGA

18 May 2010     

Puerto Rico

celebrate a bd party in your classroom i did it and it was great

18 May 2010