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calendar activity???


calendar activity???
Hi Everybody,
I need your ideas again.I will make a presentation about months and I will make a calendar but I don īt know in which activity I can use it. Please help...

20 May 2010      


Depending on the age and knowledge level of your sts, you can choose to do many things. There are many cute rhymes for kids about the months of the year available on the internet, and I īm sure there are many nice wss and ppts here. You can also link your topic to holidays - matching special holidays to corresponding months, seasons (here you can cover weather and nature - the plants, fruit and vegetables, which grow in any season), even your sts birthdays and horoscope signs (which you can then further link to character adjectives - what are signs like?)...

20 May 2010     


With my elementary students, I copied one 2010 calendar for each of them. Then, they sat in pairs and asked each other questions (in turns) such as : What day is February 11th?  It īs a Wednesday ... It helped them memorize the months, but they also revised the days of the week and how to say dates (with ordinal numbers). Hope it īs useful !

20 May 2010