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ESL forum > Concerning worksheets > How do you make a printable not jump around the page?    

How do you make a printable not jump around the page?


How do you make a printable not jump around the page?
Hello All,
I tried for hours to upload a worksheet that had two tables in it with simple numbers. I uploaded it twice and it jumped around so that it looked jumbled. Are tables not a good idea> Do you put everything in Text Boxes? How do you create different frames without losing the layout?
Thanks in advance.  Alas my reach exceeds my grasp.
All the best to you all,

23 May 2010      


Maybe... select everything and then right click and choose "group."
Good luck! I hope it works.

23 May 2010     


Grouping items is the key...
Thus, you can send frames/pictures to the foreground or background. Select several items, holding the shift key pressed, then right-click, and yiu can see various options.
Hope it works.
Best regards

23 May 2010     



Tables are not the best option. Text boxes give you much more flexibility and control. If you want to learn about text boxes you could download moravc  s tenses ball. There you can right-click and group and regroup and edit ...... and lean to master auto shapes.


23 May 2010