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Is it correct to say?


Is it correct to say?
Hi dear teachers:

I am checking some reading reports and I am not sure about some things  please can you give me a hand?

To see his beautiful making( what he had done)

After people passed some difficult situations.

if this process is not used for goodness and for bad purposses.

It would be better to prohibit these treatments.

Thanks in davance

24 May 2010      

United States

The only one I would use is the last one (with prohibit). 

To see the beautiful thing he had made
After people passed through some difficult situations
   or suffered, experienced, survived, etc. difficult situations
for good or bad purposes

24 May 2010     


I agree with Sue in the first one. In the second one, I would say "after people overcame soke difficult situautions... Depending on what you want to mean. I agree with Sue in the third one, and in my opinion, number 4 is fine. Hope my suggestions help you! Have a great day!

24 May 2010     


I am so grateful with all of you guys. This is an amazing place.
Have a  great week.Big smile

24 May 2010     


I think the second one should be:After people had gone/been through some difficult situations
Have a nice week.

24 May 2010