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FCE Pronunciation lesson ideas


FCE Pronunciation lesson ideas
Hi everyone!

My FCE students have asked to do a lesson on pronunciation to improve it before their exam. I īll be honest, it īs probably my weakest area so filling an hour and a half with it will be somewhat challenging.

I was wondering if anyone here had some ideas for activities that could work. They īre all Spanish so things like weak forms and intonation would probably be my focus, maybe minimal pairs - i īm not really sure!

I īll probably combine it with general preparation for the speaking exam, which I have got plenty of materials for but any ideas would be gratefully received!

Thanks a lot


24 May 2010      


This is a free resource. You can download the material. I hope its useful!



24 May 2010     


Thanks Kohaku but my students are learning English! The resources will be very useful for my niece however!

24 May 2010     


I would recommend the book HOW NOW BROWN COW
there are short dialogues  with audio
and pairs of words with the similar pronunciation

Here is the link for the book

Here you have audio (at the bottm of the page)

that is a great book!

24 May 2010     


Hello lshorton99,

It īs good to focus on minimal pairs (words that are similar except for one sound... ship and sip).  I īd begin with common errors made by Spanish students.

I also make use of tongue twisters to help students iron out particular points of pronunciation.
Peter picked a pick of pickled peppers, you see, but she sold seashells by the seashore :P

I īve found it helpful to work on key phrases.  For an exam, it īs likely that they will be asked to express what they think or what is their opinion on something so grammatical constructions and vocabulary involving this may help.

I īm not sure if my suggestions are too general for you but I do hope they help.


P.S., I just got some more ideas.  For intonation, you can ask them to read/recite English poetry.  Even translations of Spanish to English (like Pablo Neruda) but also some silly poems too (check out Shel Silverstein and Dennis Lee).  There are audio versions of these poems as well so they can listen to them.  They can discuss the poems with each other afterward.

24 May 2010     


Hi Lindsey, I know there is a great poem (I don īt know if it īs an English author or anonymous) about pronunciation, especially vowel combination sounds, which are the most difficult for us Spanish speakers... I know a member here once gave it to me so I īve just PMed her . If or when she lets me know of the thread, I īll tell you. I think it īll be really useful ... and fun - it īs impossible in some parts to get it right !!

24 May 2010     


I highly recommend the following:

For Spanish students, perhaps look at units 1,2 and 4. 

24 May 2010     


I`d recommend to start and finish the lesson with a jazz chant. That`s what I ve been doing for quite a while, and my students love  this kind of activity


If you have any problems with it, just e-mail me and I`ll send you whatever you need.

Have a nice week!

24 May 2010     


Tongue twisters are fantastic for this - short and highly effective, songs as well (even some rap songs, believe it or not), limericks are great for rhythm (and fun to do, we had a post here at the forum some months ago when we teachers even tried to make them), and there īs a fantastic poem about English pronunciation which starts with Dearest creature in creation... It īs called English is Tough Stuff. Here are the links for some of these...
and here īs sth for fun - I hope you all forgive me for posting this at the forum, but I couldn īt resist it - I played it for my sts to boost their confidence.

24 May 2010     


Thanks everyone - you īre all awesome!!!


25 May 2010